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The Northern Regions – Galilee

The noun Galilee (Hebrew: גָלִיל ( in Hebrew root “gll” )Hebrew: גלל) means “to roll”.  It refers to round things like “rods” or “rings”,  such as in Esther 1:6. 

Geographically, it means “region” such as Joshua 13:2 or Joel 3:4.  Indeed, the six main northern regions of Galilee (the upper Galilee, lower Galilee, Acco Plain, Jezreel Valley, Sea of Galilee, and Huleh Basin) are situated in an important international highway with traffic, economic, social, religious, and cultural activities.

In addition, Galilee is the most fertile region in Israel.  It is because of abundant rainfall in Galilee, especially in upper Galilee.  Because of ample rainfall, agricultural crops such as grapes, for wine, and olives are renowned.

More importantly, Galilee is associated with the life and ministry of our Jewish Messiah, Jesus.  Many miracles happened here – miracles that ONLY God could do.

Luke 8:25 “In fear and amazement they (the disciples) asked one another, “Who is this? He (Jesus) commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him.”

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