One for Israel

One for Israel is based in Netanya, Israel, where it has a media center to broadcast the good news.  

One of their goals is to share amazing Jewish video testimonies to the world and to reveal how Yeshua does amazing things in their lives.  By 2018, these videos had been viewed over 20,000,000 times. 

Most Jewish people do not realize that

  • Yeshua was born a Jew;
  • the New Testament is a Jewish book written by Jewish authors; and
  • it is not anti-Semitic at all.

In fact, what could be more Jewish than a Jew accepting their promised Jewish Messiah? These testimonies may open your eyes and heart to accept the fact that our Messiah has come and that His name is Yeshua.

For more information, please go to their website

Isaiah 53

Jewish scientist Dr. James Tour is one of the top 50 most influential minds in the world and he has various awards in the science field.  His discovery in Isaiah 53 that the Messiah has come and the New Testament truth changed his life forever.

Jewish Israeli Psychologist finds Jesus

Dr. Erez Soref, a Jewish psychologist, grew up in Israel.  His spiritual life journey will blow your mind!!!

Where is God? Is there a hell?

Sharon Gabizon didn’t want to hear about Jesus, until one day, she begged God for a sign…

What does the atonement mean to the Jewish person now?

While the Rabbi could not answer her conundrums, Diane never expected that all the questions she had as a little Jewish girl would be answered by the least likely book of all. 

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